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Dr. McIntire is available to speak on parenting topics at meetings and conferences for parents, teachers, or counselors. Contact him at 410-290-7058 or sumcross@aol.com.

Teenagers & Parents: 10 Steps for a Better Relationship, Dr. McIntire's best-selling book and translated into five other languages, will soon be available as an e-book. 


Now Available-

What Every Parent Should Know About Raising Children

This treasure of practical advice by award-winning author Dr. Roger McIntire provides the help parents need when they are challenged to keep a steady disposition, manage fair discipline, enjoy the job and stay lovingly close to their children.  Parental solutions and strategies are offered through vignettes, dialogues, and examples on every page. Available in print, e-book, and Kindle editions.


Raising Your Teenager

 Raising Your Teenager: 5 Crucial Skills Moms and Dads Need, by Dr. Roger McIntire, addresses typical teen problems in practical ways that get results. The book describes five skills in 140 brief discussions that will help parents deal with their teen's adjustments and yet still maintain cooperation and a pleasant family atmosphere. 

ISBN 9780615356709.  $17.95. Kindle and other e-book formats:  $3.99. 


This month's tip:   First Day at School

The first day back to school is still a few weeks away, but some attention now will pay dividends later -
especially if your child is starting a new school or is a five or six-year-old starting school for the first time.

Visit the new school this summer - if only to walk around the outside. This will help ease your child's first-time
jitters, even if he or she has been there at other times.

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Comments from Reviewers


About Teenagers & Parents: 10 Steps for a Better Relationship:

(Also published in Brazil, Germany, Korea, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia.)

“Reassuring and enjoyable.” – La Leche League

“It helps guide parents to avoid the slammed doors and sulks [by using] techniques that work with teens.” – Southern Illinoisan

“Well-written, easily understood practical handbook...” – Kentucky School Counselor Assn.


About Raising Your Teenager:

“Raising Your Teenager is a useful resource for any parent feeling they are in over their head with their teen.” – Small Press Bookwatch

“…chapter I liked the most is ‘Loving and Liking your kids’….this book does a very thorough job of tackling most subjects that are important to our kids….I was refreshed to see someone who had put all of this information into one book and is making it available for parents to access.” - Christ Goforth, bookdads.com

“The book was filled with so many valuable resources, and the chapters are so easy to read. Each section was filled with nuggets that any parent would be glad to have in their metaphorical toolbelt.”  - Dad of Divas Reviews

“Immensely helpful and easy to read, with lots of cross-cultural relevance.” – Dr. Lucy Y. Steihnitz, Regional Technical Advisor for Children and Families (Africa)

“Raising Your Teenager is an invaluable guidebook—whether you are a first-time pre-teen parent or a veteran.” – Wendy Summer, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor

About Enjoy Successful Parenting: Practical Strategies for Parents of Children 2-12:

“Outstanding.” – Parent Council, Ltd.

“[McIntire] learned his lessons well and passes along his knowledge in a lively and readable book...filled with practical answers for all the common problems.” – Bookviews.

About Raising Good Kids in Tough Times:

(Also published in Korea and Thailand.)

“These are the habits parents need for confidence and the ones that can help in moments of trouble.” – Dr. Donald Pumroy, Founder of Assn for Behavior Change; Prof. Emeritus, Univ. of MD.


Dr. Roger McIntireParenting tips provided by our expert Dr. Roger McIntire, father of three and author of nine parenting books, including Raising Good Kids in Tough Times, and Enjoy Successful Parenting. Be sure to check out his blog, ParentSuccess with Dr. McIntire for new and updated tips!


Explore our extensive parenting tips archive for expert advice columns on almost any topic or browse our resources list for links to further help.  Dr. McIntire's blog is at rogermcintire.wordpress.com. 



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